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Save up to 70% on foods you love and save good food from going to waste. Good for your pocket and the planet.

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The Problem

67 million tons of food are wasted in India every year because of excess supply or cosmetic flaws!

The Solution

We bring these amazing foods back into circulation. Get huge discount and Save comfortably with our online shop.

Our Vision

A world where all people have enough to eat and all the food produced is eaten.

Our Mission

To help you save your daily expenses and rescue edible food together with you.

Do Some Good

By every purchase, you help reduce food wastage and help Saving the planet.

Our Smart customers save an average of Rs.1200+

Deals Of The Day

Save 40-99% on foods you love and save good food from going to waste. Good for your pocket and the planet.

Save money and be smart by learning more about surplus food.

Every year in India over 67 million tonnes of food is thrown away because of excess supply.We are trying to prevent all the food waste that is happening. We specialise in surplus food, allowing us to pass on huge savings to our customers. Join us on our mission to fight food waste.


What Our Customers Say



Average Customer Rating

Just love the concept of fighting food waste. My clearancekart bag reached me again today and what can I say, everything is great and just fits into my diet.
My new favourite online store to save money with a really good cause of rescuing food. I would love if all the people start joining clearancekart's mission.
I came across clearancekart by accident and trust me its one of the best platform that I have used till now. Save food while saving the planet,count me in.

The Ugly Problem and The Funny-looking solution

It can be expensive to eat healthy. Yet almost half of the food grown in India is thrown out because it can't be sold because of its cosmetic flaws. That's where we come in.

We take in the high-quality food that grocery stores would rather let go to waste. Then, we find everything a good home. Your home.

Ugly is the new Cute - #love is all you need

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