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About us

What is is on a mission to fight food waste. We are an online store where you order groceries that producers and wholesalers have excess in supply. We will then conveniently send the food you have saved to your home doorstep by delivery. Excess food is thus fed back into the cycle, which in turn reduces food waste.

Why food saving matters

21 million tons of food are wasted in India every year! More than half of these are preventable. This not only wastes the food itself, but also the resources such as CO2 or water that flowed into the cultivation and production of the food.

At the same time, there is hunger in India: almost one billion hungry people could be fed with less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in India.

How we reduce food waste

We bring surplus food back into the cycle together with you and thus ensure more food appreciation and at the same time reduce food waste.

We buy the food directly from producers and wholesalers. They can no longer resell the food for a variety of reasons: the best before date is too short, too much has been produced, the packaging design is outdated.

Why shop at

Good for the environment, because every product that is not wasted

✔  saves CO2 emissions

✔  saves water

✔  increases awareness

Good for you, because with every purchase from us

✔  you contribute to sustainable consumption

✔  you reduce your CO2 footprint

✔  you save money

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